About the Re-created Regiment

We are an all volunteer group of living historians & flintlock shooting enthusiasts who endeavor to bring a better understanding of the equipment, military tactics, living conditions, & history of the soldiers and civilians in the Northern Department of the American Army during the War for American Independence.

Members share their knowledge & experience through educational presentations at schools, historical societies, historical battle re-enactments, & other public events.  Although we are more active during the summer & fall months, we also have occasional activities during the winter.

The unit originally formed as a militia company with Hanaford;s Volunteers Fyfe & Drum Corps. in 1975 to celebrate the Bicentennial.  In 1996 the unit began a transformation into Warner's Extra-Continental Regiment, seeking a more historically accurate portrayal & participation in living history events.  Members of the Regiment began an experimental archeology program in 2004, using the equipment & tactics of the period in wilderness settings to develop first hand experience not otherwise obtainable through traditional academic research. In early  2008, Capt. Weight Hopkins' (1st) Company, Warner’s Regiment; Capt. Thos. Lee's Independent Ranger Company (annexed to Warner’s Regiment); Whitcomb's Corps of Rangers; & Capt. John Warner's (4th) Company, Herrick’s Regiment agreed to form an experimental Brigade composed of re-created Continental & Militia units which fielded from the old New Hampshire Grants and its immediate vicinity. The original units had strong historical associations --

-Capt. Weight Hopkins commanded a company in Warner’s Extra-Continental Regiment from its initial founding until he was killed in action on July 15th, 1779.

-Capt. Thomas Lee's Company spent part of 1777 & all of 1779 annexed to Col. Warner's Regiment, but spent almost all of 1778 assigned to Whitcomb’s Corps of Rangers.

-Whitcomb's Corps., not having a staff of its own while based in Rutland, Vermont was administratively supported by Warner's Regiment receiving its pay and logistics through the only Continental Regiment in the Northern Department during 1778.

-Capt. John Warner was Col. Seth Warner's brother, and Herrick's Regiment spent much of the late summer of 1777 subordinate to Colonel Warner's Provisional Brigade.

The "Vermont Brigade" developed an Advanced Guard style of deployment appropriate to the roles of the constituent units: the ranging units screen & scout forward of the Brigade. This deployment is not designed to limit the use of the Brigade, but allow the units operate in a mutually supporting manner on the field under a unified command.

We are fortunate that for most of the war, the original Regiment operated in the Lake George & Lake Champlain areas & have the opportunity to educate on many of the original battlefields; there is a unique feeling of walking the same ground as the original Regiment did some 240 years ago.

Warner's Regiment (re-created) has drawn members from a wide variety of backgrounds: men & women, students, teachers, serving & retired military members, & other professions.  We are a family friendly organization & all of our events are great places for children to learn & grow.  Our current membership comes mostly from Vermont & eastern New York, the same areas of the country which raised the original Regiment; we have members from southern New England & Canada as well.  We are always looking for new members; if you are interested in camaraderie & fun while preserving Vermont & New York history during the War for Independence, please Join Us!

The modern re-creation of Colonel Warner's Regiment is a member unit of the Ethan Allen Long Rifles and The Continental Line.  The Regiment is available for educational presentations, historical events, & ceremonies.  To arrange our participation or inquires, please Contact Us.